Maplebusinet Ltd. providing the following services:

We offer all services also Online or by phone or also in your office.

Maplebusinet Ltd. in Canada is a sistercompany of AlphaNet GmbH, Germany (founded in 1985) gives also strategical advice to national and international companies. Our focus is on achieving a sustainable increase in sales, which includes national and international online marketing campaigns and optimization of the customer’s site with the integration of merchandise management systems and other services like logistics.
We also offer special Export / Import support inkl. logistic service coordination and sales via e-commerce.

Here you can see a list of our references in Canada, Europe

Our major customers include many German and international trade, media, and service companies, who have relied on our expertise for several years.

Also we help EU companies finding a business partner and/or clients in Canada.

Please look also at  and for further informations  in the trade sector or contact us online.

Thanks for visiting the Marketing event from the Nova Scotia Business Inc. in Cologne at 19th of March 2018.

Also thanks to all Canadian companies who participate in the 2019 Gourmet Festival in Düsseldorf.
We organized here the Canadian Booth together with the Canadian Consulate in Düsseldorf.

We thank also our supporters Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, The Canadian Consulate in Düsseldorf, The Lobster Council of Canada, The Canadian Bison Association, Kunsthalle München, va-Q-tec, Immosubito, Gourmet Festival Düsseldorf in 2019.

We look forward to assisting you.